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Community Services

We provide the following community based services:

  1. Gender promotion, in particular empowerment of women, youth and persons with disability has become a reality with statutory representation in governance structures at a minimum of 33%. Gender related services aimed at improving the quality of life of our people, especially the women, youth, people with disabilities (PWDs), elderly and orphans and vulnerable children (OVC). Key activities are: gender mainstreaming, women economic empowerment, fighting gender based violence (GBV), legal advice, psycho-social support and group development.
  2. Support children in need of care (OVC, abandoned, unaccompanied, street kids and kids with mothers with unsound mind); social welfare cases; tracing and resettlement; prosecution of offenders in the child and family courts and; supervision of child care institutions.
  3. Support PWDs and the elderly through registration, IGAs, sensitization and financing of their projects. Through the Functional Adult Literacy (FAL) programme, we provide literacy and numeracy skills to adults to enable learners actively, participate in their individual development and that of their communities. Literacy level have risen to 79%, especially of females who regularly attend the Functional Adult Literacy classes.
  4. Registration, investigation and settlement of labour complaints; inspection of workplaces; registration and assessment of work related accidents, amongst other roles.
  5. Guide, facilitate, capacitate and functionalize the youth, elderly, women and disability councils. Through the following programmes: Community Driven Development (CDD), Functional Adult Literacy (FAL), People with Disabilities Special Grant (PWD-SG) and the respective councils’ constituents are targeted, organized and their activities financed.
  6. With over xx percent of our population below 18 years, we develop and implement programs for the youth that are geared towards addressing youth’s needs, empowerment with skills and resources to enable youth attain self-reliance and contribute to development. Other services include funding youth income generating activities through the Youth Livelihood programme (YLP).

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