District Council

The District Council is the highest political authority in the district, with legislative, planning and executive powers. The District Council is a corporate body with perpetual succession and a common seal, and may sue or be sued in its corporate name.

Composition of Council
The Mbarara District Council is composed of directly elected representatives that include those representing sub-county constituencies as well as those representing special interest sections of the population.
The Mbarara District Council comprises of:

  • The directly elected Chairperson,
  • 17 Directly elected councilors representing lower local governments,
  • 11 Directly elected Women councilors who must constitute one third of all council members,
  • Two councilors representing youths (between 18-30 years - Male and Female) elected by the youths under the Electoral College system,
  • Two councilors representing People with Disability (Male and Female) elected under the Electoral College system,
  • Two councilors representing the elderly (50 years and above), appointed by the LLG executive committees and approved by the District council.
  • 5 Members of Parliament, who are ex-officio members.