District Administration

The Senior Management Team works with the political Leadership to oversee the strategic objectives of Mbarara District Local Government. On the technical side, Mbarara district is headed by a Chief Administrative Officer, appointed by central government. From July 2015 a new Senior Management structure is in place.

Chief Executive
Felix Cuthbert Esoku is the Chief Executive of Mbarara District. Since Uganda adopted the Decentralization policy in 1992, Mbarara District has been served by a number of Chief Administrative Officers. 
Until his deployment in July 2015, Felix served as Chief Administrative Officer of Kamuli and Tororo District Local Governments. Felix had held this role since 2006. Previously, since 1995, he served in Soroti District Local Government as Assistant CAO and later as Deputy Chief Administrative Officer.
His experience includes: providing leadership for decentralization policy delivery, strategic direction, overseeing the public service, public financial management and coordination of non-state development actors in the district.

Felix holds a B.A in Social Sciences and MBA. In addition, Felix has undertaken various overseas study Programs: Local Government Financing (GIMPA, Ghana), Local government Financing (University of Birmingham-UK), decentralization reforms (Osaka University/JICA Osaka Centre-Japan), Urban Economic Development (GIMI-Israel), Local Economic Development (LOGODI/KOICA ICC-South Korea) and Performance  Based Financing (SINA HEALTH International, Mombasa, Kenya).

Our Administrators
The Chief Administrative Officer (CAO), is supported by a Deputy and Assistant CAOs, senior assistant secretaries and parish chiefs. The office is further supported by the Senior Information Scientist, who brings in skills in the management of the district ICT Resources. Mbarara municipality is a lower local Government, has separate structures, and is headed by the Town C  lerk.
Our administrative team is responsible for providing support services to departments. Each administrator has a responsibility over a cluster of sectors/Departments.