MBARARA DISTRICT LOCAL GOVERNMENT BEST EVALUATED BIDDER NOTICE(For Procurement and Disposal Notice Board)The bidder named below has been evaluated as the best evaluated bidder for the Procurement detailed below. It is the intention of the Procuring and Disposing Entity to place a contract with the bidder named after 10 working days from the date for the display given below.Procurement Reference numberMBAR 537/WRKS/2019-2020/00003Subject of ProcurementExtension of Kashare mini-solar powered water supplyMethod of ProcurementOpen domestic BiddingName of the best evaluated bidderM/S Daikam Technologies LtdTotal contract price UGX 69,602,312= (Sixty nine million six hundred and two thousand three hundred and twelve shillings only)  V. A.T Inclusive Date of display01st October   2019Date for removal15th October  2019Display of this notice does not constitute an acceptance of the bid described above or the formation of the contract. Bid acceptance and contract placement shall be in accordance with the regulation Un successful BiddersSNName of the bidderReason for being unsuccessful01M/S Buwaro Investments LtdDid not fully sign all pages of the submitted bid by the person with powers of Attorney that is the pages of the audited financial statements were not signed02M/S Doshnut Uganda LtdSubmitted powers of attorney not original and not drawn by an advocate hence failed. Authorized for display on the Procurement Disposal Notice Board Signature…………………………………                       Name: MWIJE DINAHPosition:  SENIOR PROCUREMENT OFFICER    Date 01st  October 2019Copy:  M/S Daikam Technologies Ltd,,         M/SBuwaro Investments Ltd,,         M/SDoshnut Uganda Ltd