Publication Date: 
Friday, September 28, 2018

Public warned against fake advert By Frederick Anyine The Chief Administrative Officer Mbarara district Mr. Felix Cuthbert Esoku has issued a notice warning the general public to know that the district has not yet made any advertisement concerning jobs that may exist in the district local government. He appealed to the general public to be aware and ignore the false and illegal job advertisement being circulated on the social media of whatsapp to avoid being cheated by conmen and speculators. Esoku clarified that when job vacancies are identified the local government has to first ascertain wage bill and then declare existing vacancies to the District Service Commission to plan for making job advertisement in the national newspapers and district website including district notice boards. The Chief Administrative Officer Mbarara district further warned the general public and more especially job seekers that whoever risks dealing with any unscrupulous persons relating to the illegal advertisement will do it at owners’ risk and cause own financial loss. For guidance and accessing accurate information on the performance and status of the district the public is advised to call during working hours only on telephones 0772477929,   0772374824, 0776503395, 0773417899. He further explained that after making advertisements in the newspapers the Secretary District Service Commission starts receiving applications there after starts short listing expected suitable candidates who must be displayed on district and municipality notice boards. The Chief Administrative Officer clarified that individual candidates who are shortlisted are telephoned as reminder to appear for interview informing them of dates and where to be conducted. He said when interviews are complete, appointment letters of successful candidates are issued with a minute instrument issued by the District Service Commission to the Chief Administrative Officer or Town Clerk of Mbarara municipality for implementation. He concluded by explaining that every successful candidate after receiving the appointment letter must writing an acceptance to the Chief Administrative Officer of Town Clerk of the municipality because accessing posting instruction.                                                         END